Jerry (JL) Dormido

Transaction Coordinator
(905) 273-2122

About JL

Jerry Dormido started as a Mortgage Consultant for 3 years and received numerous awards and recognition. He’s a Two-time Recipient of Certified World Class Customer Service Representative Award awarded by SQM, leading North American customer survey research firm. He was a Customer Service Representative of the Year Finalist in 2014 where he was featured in the SQM Magazine. In 2017, he shifted his career to being an Assistant Transaction Coordinator with KW Realty Historic District in Greenville, SC. In 2019, Jerry made the transition to KW Santa Monica, CA to join the staff as the Lead Transaction Coordinator. He’s now a proud member of the McNamee Team and will help service clients for a seamless transaction from accepted offer to close. And we are proud that he has been receiving great feedback and review from most of our clients.